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Prospect for beautiful rare Yogo Sapphires from the comfort of your home…

Montana Yogo Sapphire PayDirt

From - Roberts Yogo Sapphire Mine - Yogo mine dike ores
are now yours to work in the comfort of your home.

*Our supplies of Yogo dike ore are running low and we must limit purchases to our
one pound bags only. We are currently trying to resolve this supply problem...

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NOW you can order your bags of Yogo PayDirt filled with genuine Yogo dike ore direct from the Robert's Yogo Sapphire Mine delivered to your front door. The ore is beautifully contained in either a satin (one pound bag) or our velour (three lb. bag) suitable for that special gift occasion. This Yogo PayDirt Ore is Yogo mine dike ore directly from the Roberts Yogo Mine dike (vein) intrusions. This ore is now yours to work right in the comfort of your home. The potential exists to find rare gem quality Yogo Sapphires...
Nature formed these beautiful sapphire crystals when molten magma from near the bottom of the earth’s crust pushed upward many miles into narrow fracture's of the madison limestone formations of the lower Yogo Valley forming rich sapphire laden rock "dikes".

The Yogo Sapphire gets its name from the beautiful Mountain Valley where these sapphires are found. Native Americans named this valley “Yogo” which means blue sky. The Yogo Sapphires are plucked from the grasp of the earth by seasoned miner Mike Roberts and his trusty workers. These sapphire crystals have been held captive in the hard Montana rock for 48.7 million years awaiting discovery.

While other gem quality sapphires must be treated to enhance their color—Yogo Sapphires require no such treatment as these world-class sapphires are coveted for their beautiful, natural, cornflower colorations. The colorations of Yogo Sapphire naturally parallel the blue through magenta hues of the
Cornflower—better known as bachelor’s buttons. Thus the natural cornflower blue of Yogo Sapphire is a “world-class blue” against which all other gem class sapphires attempt to compare through manmade treatments such as heat treating, radiation, etc.

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